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M​ental health is spiritual health

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Embrace Mental Healing

Many people will experience mental health difficulties at some point in life. It’s to lose the stigma around psychology, therapy, and mental health. Find out how Dr Dione can help you or your organization use psychology to your benefit.

Blending Psychology & Faith

D​r Dione is a licensed clinical psychologist. She uses psychology to help you understand how to shift your focus and change your world, and she combines psychology with her Christian faith to help you see the world differently.

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Shift your Focus

Seek the Truth

Feel the Love

Know Yourself

How Psychology Can Help You

P​sychology helps us understand why we do the things we do and think the things we think. Until we understand that, we can’t really help ourselves much. Dr Dione has a passion for using psychology to help us overcome our problems.


Your Choices

Change Your Life


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Be True To Yourself

While we might struggle with the remembering the specifics of last week, month, or year; it is the day to day that matters most! If you tell yourself you are bad, you will always be bad. If you tell yourself you can’t, then you never will. Remember to eat positivity, speak positivity, & read positivity to reach for the life you want.