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About Dr. Dione

Dr. Dione Johnson-Williams is a licensed clinical psychologist, Christian minister, entrepreneur, author, community leader, and motivational speaker. She blends psychology, philosophy, and theology to present a unique perspective that helps people gain a new understanding of themselves and the world around them.

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Speaking & Keynotes

T​he world is full of mental health experts, psychologists, theologians, and pastors. Plenty of them travel all over the world giving talks, and they have lot of valuable insights to share. But there aren’t a lot of people who can combine psychology with theology, mental health with spiritual health. Dr. Dione is one of the few who can do that. Her passion is to spread her vision of mental and spiritual well-being to as many people as possible.

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Truth & Heart

T​he Truth is hard to hear sometimes, but it’s what sets you free. Dr. Dione is here to speak the Truth to you in love, and through her education and over 20 years of experience, she can help you hear what you need to hear to live better today.

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M​ost people need help reintegrating into society when they leave a correctional facility, but that help is hard to find. Through JARC, Dr Dione uses her expertise to help people reintegrate successfully.

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Many people will experience mental health difficulties at some point in life. It’s time to lose the stigma around psychology, therapy, and mental health. Find out how Dr Dione can help you or your organization use psychology to your benefit.

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Spiritual Growth

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This is your time with God. I post devotionals here for you to help you on your spiritual journey. If you ever need to reach out as well please feel free to do so!

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