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Keeping Your Faith

August 29, 2021

Sometimes the biggest step of obedience/seed of faith we can plant is to do nothing and be still…to fully surrender and let go like that We must remember that our part is to obey His revealed Word…what’s in the Bible. God will not reveal the secret things in His Will for our lives if we don’t obey what He’s already told us. 

When there’s something for us to do and He tells us to do it, we do. But once we do our part/what we can do or He has told us to do, we’re done. When there’s nothing else for us to do, we do nothing.  Our problem is we get ourselves into works/doing things that He hasn’t told us to do, and then we get frustrated and begin to lose faith as a result. …when those things we do don’t work,  bring about the results,  changes, breakthrough(s) we want.