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Keep Your Eyes On Jesus

August 29, 2021

when life breaks your heart look to jesus

Matt 16:18 “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail”

Jesus tells Peter to cast his net to catch fish (Luke 5:4) This command goes against Peter’s professional fisherman knowledge, and his immediate experience coming up w nothing just before Jesus tells him to cast his net again. Peter initially argues back at (disobeys) Jesus with human logic, eg “Yes, but…” However, Peter does what Jesus tells him to do anyway. And, Peter catches a great amount of fish (Luke 5: 5-7).

In Matthew 28:27-29, Peter walks on water. This illustration is typically highlighted to demonstrate how when we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, He makes the impossible possible. However, I’d like to highlight another important aspect of this story. There were other disciples in the boat. Yet, only Peter asked Jesus could he come out the boat, do the very thing they all saw Jesus do: Jesus walked on the waves/wind in water, or the resistance to the disciples’ obeying what He told them to do.

I appreciate Peter’s witness. At times, Peter was a know-it-all, a bit impulsive, and stubborn. But, Peter shows us the transformation process that occurs when we yield to the authority and power of the Lordship of Christ in every area of our lives. Christ transfers & allows His authority and power to flow through us. We begin to walk on our problems vs our problems ruling us. Then, the impossible becomes possible. Walking in this spiritual authority & power that Christ shared with him as His disciple, we even see Peter raise someone from the dead (Acts 9:26-43). Peter was the only human in history to walk on water and raise someone from the dead. (I say this bc Jesus Christ was God-Man).

Our salvation is our precise gift. I also pray that we get & remain yielded to The Lord as His Disciple. There’s a destiny that He has for our lives in history that becomes activated once we commit as disciples.