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A Unique Perspective

The world is full of mental health experts, psychologists, theologians, and pastors. Plenty of them travel all over the world giving talks, and they have a lot of valuable insights to share. But there aren’t a lot of people who can combine psychology with theology, mental health with spiritual health. Dr. Dione is one of the few who can do that. Her passion is to spread her vision of mental and spiritual well-being to as many people as possible.

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Mental Health

T​here’s a stigma attached to mental health problems, and Dr. Dione is here to get rid of it. With her background in psychology and philosophy, and her passion for helping others, she travels all over the country speaking about mental health from a Christian perspective.

Spirutal Health


Your True Self


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Spiritual Health

I​n addition to psychology Dr Dione has studied theology extensively, and is actively engaged in vital ministry. When our mental health suffers, our spiritual health suffers, and vice versa. Dr. Dione takes a holistic approach that combines the two. She gives keynote talks that teach listeners how to use psychology and their faith in God to shift their focus and change their world.

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