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September 26, 2021

man with hand on face

Don’t let the FACTS and your FRUSTRATIONS with the circumstances (people, places, and things) cancel your prayers. Don’t let your emotions and your MOUTH prompt you to speak against and contribute to your walking out of alignment with God’s Word and move you out of faith. God wants us to walk, talk, and think in Unity with His Spirit (Psalm 133) at all times. God wants us to see beyond our 5 senses to what and how He’s trying to grow us. However, God will use what we experience in our 5 senses for His Glory. God often uses situations, circumstances, and relationships as trials and tests to grow us in our faith. In other words, God will often touch or allow something to be disrupted in our physical world to draw us to the spiritual-Him. It’s not about the other person/people or situations, but about you. If all you see is what you see, you do not see all there is to be seen.
Father, I pray that you open our spiritual eyes to see in faith beyond our circumstances all that You want to do in, with, and to us to grow us in faith for Your Glory,  our good, and the benefit of others. 
Shift your focus, change your world 🌎!