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God Is Beyond Human Reasoning

August 29, 2021

Here, Jesus is ready to raise Lazarus from the dead. Lazarus had been dead and buried in his tomb for four days. Jesus says verse 40 in response to initially telling Martha, Lazarus’ sister, to remove the stone covering the tomb & Martha arguing back (disobeying) with God with human reasoning and understanding. Can you relate to Martha? I know I can and have done the very same thing she did, and on more than one occasion. So many of us are waiting on God to move. And, He’s really waiting on us to move: do what He’s told us to do (including being still, sometimes nothing), exercise our belief/faith in obedience (yielding to God’s Word as final authority and Truth above our finite reasoning, intellect, knowledge) AND THEN we’ll see His Glory on display‚ĶHis supernatural power, breakthrough, miraculous intervention(s) resurrecting something we thought was dead or lifeless in our circumstances, situations, dilemmas, and lives.

Be encouraged!!! Let us each continue to pray and ask Him to keep us surrendered to His Spirit and Word as final truth and authority over and in our lives.