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August 29, 2021


God places His promises for us within our reach, not in our hands. God has done everything He will ever do for you and I via the work of Jesus Christ (John 19:28-30). Our faith (prayer, surrender, obedience to His Word in our lives) accesses what He already has for us. There is often a delay between when we pray & receive the answer to prayers. The delay is often due to us. While we don’t impact what God already has for us, we do impact the timing of when He does those things.

It took the Israelites 40 years to reach the promise God had for them-Canaan- when it was only a 35 day trip from the crossing of The Red Sea. The Israelites kept going in the same circle. They were mumbling, complaining, a “stiff-necked people” ie stubborn and rebellious (Exodus 32:9), wanting to do things their own way, etc. God had to develop their character, conform them more to His Image to receive the Promise, and not mess it up once they arrived.

It was a 25 year time gap between when God promised Abraham that He would make him a father to many nations and when Isaac was born. Why? Abraham had some aspects of himself that God needed to address before allowing Sarah to get pregnant with Isaac. Abraham was cowardly, got impatient waiting on God and was led away from God’s Will by Sarah in having Ishmael, etc.

When God has development in mind, its usually because we have prioritized the physical over the spiritual (Him). God will use the physical (eg areas in our lives such as finances, relationship(s), health, etc where there’s repeated setback, disappointment) to draw our attention to the spiritual.When there is a delay, God is doing two things at once: He’s preparing promise(s) for you but He also has to prepare you for the promise(s).

I pray that we each remain surrendered to God, allow Him reveal AND correct those areas of us, things in our personality, decisions, that do not glorify Him in preparation to receive answers to prayer